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The Quality of Life Monitoring Group


Initially founded as the Environmental Monitoring Group, the Group's name changed to the Quality of Life Monitoring Group to reflect the wider issues of sustainability on which it now reports. Meeting approximately every two months, or more often when working to project deadlines, the Group explores topics such as crime, air quality and economy as well as wildlife and habitats within the county of Hertfordshire. This information is then compiled to produce the Quality of Life Report.

The Quality of Life Report

Formerly known as the State of Hertfordshire's Environment Report, The Quality of Life Report has been produced by the Hertfordshire Environmental Forum annually since 1992. Thought to be the only one of its kind in the country to have continually reported on these issues year on year for such a long period. The Report monitors a wide range of indicators, the measurements of which provide trends of the changes over time in each topic area.

The Quality of Life Report Website

March 2007 saw the launch of the first interactive website for the Quality of Life Report. It hosts a greater wealth of information than could ever be provided in a printed report and enables downloadable resources to be made available to a wider audience. Previous year's reports are hosted on the website and a vast number of links to other organizations and other partners are also included. Being on the internet, it also means that the information can be more up to date and responsive to readers' needs. It also endorses the forum's sustainability ethics as use of the internet reduces the need to use environmental resources.

To view the site visit www.hef.org.uk/qol. If you have any comments you would like to make about it please email: qol@hef.org.uk

Web Links

Go to www.hef.org.uk/qol for useful links to other organizations, our partners and more

Distribution of the report

Copies of the Quality of Life report are sent out to all libraries and schools, as well as the member organisations. You can access all the information in the printed reports and more at the new website www.hef.org.uk/qol. If you would prefer a printed copy of the report, you can download pages of the report as pdfs from the website, email us on qol@hef.org.uk or call 01992 5562777 to request a copy.