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Biodiversity Partnership


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A 50 Year Vision - Biodiversity Action Plan

Traditional Orchards Habitat Action Plan(273 KB)

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Biodiversity Action Plan highlights 2010(1.84 MB)

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Who we are

The Hertfordshire Biodiversity Partnership (formerly the Nature Conservation Topic Group of HEF) was set up to bring together the range of organisations concerned with nature conservation and biodiversity issues in Hertfordshire. Its focus is to 'drive' the delivery of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and to provide a forum and network opportunity for local authorities, voluntary interests and strategic partners, including those represented on the Steering Group.

The Biodiversity Partnership has representatives from District Councils, the County Council, Natural England, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and a number of other organisations.

Structure of the Biodiversity Partnership
A Steering Group was established to direct and support the activities of the Hertfordshire Biodiversity Officer and has a remit to be the custodian of the BAP process.

Members: Natural England, Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, East Herts Council and the Hertfordshire Biodiversity Officer.
Chaired by: HEF representative, Chair of the Biodiversity Partnership
Meetings: At least twice yearly

The wider Hertfordshire Biodiversity Partnership is also integral to the delivery of the BAP and has a remit to promote the BAP and nurture, via networking, the BAP and BAP delivery.

Members: Habitat and Species Action Plan Leads, local authorities, statutory bodies and businesses
Chaired by: A HEF member organisation, elected every second year
Meetings: At least twice yearly

In addition, the Habitat and Species Action Plan Leads constitute a third 'virtual' group. Their remit is to drive delivery of the BAP, identify key issues and opportunities of the BAP process and to provide progress reports for the Hertfordshire Biodiversity Officer and the national online Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS).

The two main products of the Group, through mainly the work of the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre, have been:

  • Hertfordshire Habitat Survey which identifies much of the county's land use and, in particular, over 1,700 'Wildlife Sites'
  • A 50-year Vision for the Wildlife and Natural Habitats of Hertfordshire - a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (published 1998; revised and reprinted by the Biodiversity Partnership March 2006).

Other projects the Group are currently involved in: Wildlife Sites Project ; Welcome to Wildlife Project; Hertfordshire Orchards Initiative

HEF also contribute towards funding the Hertfordshire Biodiversity Officer