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Warmer Homes Greener Herts

Grants and discounts to insulate your home

Discounts on loft and cavity wall insulation are available to ALL local residents who own their homes or rent privately. Individuals in receipt of income or disability related benefits may also be entitled to have insulation and heating improvements carried out FREE of charge.

How do I apply?

Taking advantage of grants and discounts is easy. Call the Warmer Homes Greener Herts advice line free on 0800 80 48 777 to find the best value option for your particular circumstances. This independent advice service is managed by Milton Keynes Energy Agency. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Who funds the grant and discount schemes and how do they differ?

All the main energy suppliers offer loft and cavity wall insulation at various discounted prices. The price differs between the different energy suppliers according to the size of your property and the fuel source used. When you call 0800 80 48 777 you have the option to be referred directly onto the insulation grant or discount scheme that is most beneficial to you.