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Resources for Sustainability Education is a range of classroom materials available for loan FREE to all schools within Hertfordshire.

  • Links with global citizenship, sustainable development, and a range of curriculum topics.
  • Covers key stages 2 and 3.
  • Provides practical ideas on how different curriculum areas can bring environmental and social issues into their teaching.
  • Videos, CD-ROMs, teacher guides, fact sheets and reference materials are available.
  • Please call Wheathampstead Development Centre, Library Services on 01582 830313 for further details.
  • Catalogue available here and via www.thegrid.org.uk

The story so far…
The introduction of sustainability into the national curriculum, for both primary and secondary schools. Provided the Hertfordshire Environmental Forum with the opportunity to work with education providers to deliver resources on the theme of sustainability to schools within the Hertfordshire.

A group including a representatives from the Wheathampstead Development Centre, Hertfordshire Outdoors and the Geography Curriculum Advisor for Hertfordshire and officers from HEF was established. Various options were discussed by the group including producing a HEF Sustainability teacher's pack with work sheets and supporting information. The decision to form the RSE, as it is now, came about with the recognition that there are already many resources for teachers in the UK covering sustainability and sustainability topics, which are updated regularly in line with the changes in the national curriculum. It was therefore decided that the best idea would be to buy in a range of materials from books to teacher's packs.

The Project


To provide Hertfordshire schools with access to educational resources on sustainability via the Wheathampstead Development Centre (WDC).

To help individual Hertfordshire councils who are increasingly being approached to help support schools on sustainability issues.

To provide a co-ordinated and cost effective approach to cover all of Hertfordshire schools, which is best offered through HEF.

Groups who will benefit:

School children key stage 2 (7-11 years old) and 3 (11-14 years old), their teachers, and schools.

Other Resources:

Additional information and resources have been sought from HEF partner organisations such as the Environment Agency, and Three Valleys Water. The resources are backed up by local information supplied by each of the District Councils. This information includes contact details for each of the relevant departments in the district/borough councils to aid teachers in accessing their local councils. Any additional local sustainability information is at the Districts discretion.

For more information on the project use button below.

RSE team