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Making it Happen, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Background to the importance of Agenda 21 - plan for the 21st Century- and focuses on the ways in which schools can engage with the process.

Green UmbrellaGreen Umbrella, WWF
Stories, songs, poems and starting point's for environmental assemblies.


Swallow TaleSwallow Tale, WWF
Large format presentation of the story designed for shared reading, children 7-11 years. Encourages basic literacy skills and provides opportunity to explore how imagery can enrich meaning of a narrative.

Focus on SwallowsFocus on Swallows, WWF
Follow the life and journey of the swallows. Offers a natural way into an exploration of environmental and development issues. Links with global citizenship and sustainable development.

Catching the Light, WWF
Practical ideas for teachers of 5-8 year olds, covers aspects of language teaching with suggestions for environmental based work.

The Long, Long JourneyThe Long, Long Journey, WWF
Story has been written as a guided reading text for 5-7 year olds, this thought provoking story supports literacy skills, whilst building awareness of topical environmental issues.


Education for SustainabilityEducation for Sustainability, WWF
Overview of the theory and practice of sustainability brings together contributions from environmental educators.




Sustainability in ActionSustainability in Action, WWF
Exploration of what sustainability might mean in practice. The use of case study materials tells the story of how people are involved in those projects.

Green Ink, WWF
New and stimulating approach to language and literature at GCSE level via environmental issues.

Earth Tales, WWF
"Anthology and guide for English teachers", contains material and idea's to support topics on the environment whilst developing a range of language skills

World Wise, WWF
Six traditional stories, illustrates the delicate balance between people, animals and the environment.

Data Bulletin Collection CDData Bulletin Collection CD - ROM's - WWF
Changes in the UK Countryside, Population and Resources, Pollution of the North Sea, Energy and Climate Change, Beyond the Shore, Brent Spar, Chemicals and Life, Green Routes 98 and Tigers.
CD BulletinA breath of environmental subjects, from marine issues to consumerism, world population to global warming. Each contains text items, photographs, cartoons and tabular data. Offering a range of view points and designed to stimulate classroom discussions on sustainable development.

In the AirIn the Air, on the Ground CD-ROM - WWF
Issues in aviation and the environment for economics and business, geography and general studies and key skills for post 16.


Greener School GroundsGreener School Grounds, Southgate Publishers
Helping schools to create sustainable external educational environments, Learning Through Landscapes Trust

Celebrating Our Environment, Southgate Publishers
Collective worship in the primary school provides a collection of acts of workshop inviting teachers and children to reflect on their natural and human environment.

It's Our World TooIt's Our World Too, Tide - Development Education Centre
A local to global approach to environmental education at KS 2 & 3.



Waking UpWaking Up, Tide - Development Education Centre
Using plants to investigate sustainable development at KS2.



Emily's JourneyEmily's Journey, Development Education Association
Sustainable development in Britain and Brazil.

Our Island, Your Island, Peace Child International
A book by children of Cyprus, expression of young people on both sides care about the condition of their island.

Agenda 21 - Mission Made Possible, Peace Child International
Interim report on the rescue mission sustainability indicators project.

Our World in Our Hands, Peace Child International
Book about directly involving young- read it and take the first step on the long road to global citizenship.

Rescue MissionRescue Mission Planet Earth Junior Indicators, Peace Child International
Specially designed for young people of primary school age. Student activity pack & teachers guide dealing with sustainable development.

Children's Agenda 21, Peace Child International
Unique book designed, written and illustrated by children for children explaining what they think Agenda 21 is.

Stand Up for Your RightsStand Up for Your Rights, Peace Child International
Powerful and unique commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Stories, poems, personal recollections and illustrations help to bring each Article of the Declaration to life.


Teaching About EnergyTeaching About Energy, Centre for Alternative Technology
Practical activities with and emphasis on sustainability and alternative technologies.


The Living Earth, Centre for Alternative Technology
Ecosystems and exploitation of the earth's resources. Provides an overview of available resources and materials. An account of how teachers from 13 curriculum areas have brought environment issues into their teaching.

The Living WaterThe Living Water (video and teachers notes), The Environment Agency
Introduction to organic pollution key stages 2 and 3.

Fact Sheets, The Environment Agency
Basic explanation of pollution in rivers. Cross-curricular activities for key stages 2 and 3.

Practical Conservation Pack, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Provides direction and support to schools which either have, or are planning to develop a wildlife area in their grounds.

Wicked Waste - Teachers' GuideWicked Waste - Teachers' Guide, Open University
An interactive, topic based classroom tool to help teach literacy and numeracy in year 5.

Wise Up to Waste, Waste Watch

The Dustbin Pack, Waste Watch

Work at Waste at School, Waste Watch
Shows how schools can implement practical ideas to tackle waste. Includes case studies, background information and contacts for further advice and information.

The Garden - WWF and Stratford on Avon District Council
Designed for use in the classroom and at home. Incorporates the use of music and performance, themes include Local Agenda 21 and provides entertainment.

Teachers Pack - Clay Lane & Three Valleys Water
Guide to water and the national curriculum and information for site visits to Clay Lane & Aldenham Country Park, Bushey, Herts.

Windows to Nature - WWF
Book for teachers of children 3 to 8 designed to encourage young children to learn and enjoy the natural world. Activities cover many of the attainment targets for key stage 1 and prepare older children for the first levels of key stage 2.

Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish- Picture Puffins
Best selling picture book on an environmental theme.

The Living EarthThe Living Earth - North &South Books
This book with pictures and text tells the complex story of the ecosystem and suggests that not all is well with man's continued exploitation of the earth's resources.



Share the WorldShare the World - Share the World
Video and teachers resource pack is curriculum links to teaching primary school pupils respect and compassion for living beings. Covers key sage 1 & 2.


Let's grasp the Nettle - Education for Environmental Change - The Woodcraft Folk
Pack provides a structured programme of games, activities and projects. Written for use with young people aged 9 to 13.

Saving Energy in SchoolsSaving Energy in Schools - Energy Efficiency
Curriculum activities to inspire pupils and save 'your' school money




The Herts Recycling HoundThe Herts Recycling Hound…Investigating Waste Education Pack - Hertfordshire Environmental Forum.
Information classroom activities on recycling and waste covers key stages 2 & 3




The Green FileThe Green File - St Albans City & District Council
Trevor Brennan the council's own environmental resource officer offers fun and practical advice on how to become more sustainable. For older children.

Local Agenda 21, Quality of Life Reports and Environmental Strategies- Hertfordshire District Councils
Environmental Strategy for Three Rivers - Three Rivers District Council.
The environment and sustainability, an agenda for action in Dacorum - Dacorum Borough Council.
An Action Plan for the 21st Century - Hertsmere Borough Council.
Stevenage 2000+ A vision of a better Stevenage for the 21 Century and beyond - Stevenage Borough Council.
Environmental Strategy - Welwyn Hatfield Council.
Working Toward Tomorrow - St Albans City & District Council

UK Air Pollution - DEFRA
Fact sheets on air quality.

Quality of Life ReportsState of Hertfordshire Environment Report & Quality of Life Reports (1992 - 2000) - Hertfordshire Environmental Forum
Gives information on the change over time of Hertfordshire Environment using a standard set of indicators.

Agenda 21 - Think global act local - St Albans City & District Council
Information on Agenda 21 and how to get involved within St Albans.

Joint Effort- Welwyn Hatfield's Sustainability Action Magazine (Issues 1 to 6) - W/H Council.
Find out what's going on in 'your' local environment with W/H area.

Save & Recycle - W/H Council
Activity sheet on recycling & waste for young children.

General recycling information sheets - Hertfordshire District Councils
Find out about recycling and waste and where to find 'your' local recycling points / bins.

Greener School Grounds - Learning through Landscapes
Helping schools to create sustainable external environments

Water NumerateWater Numerate - Water Aid
Daily maths for the Global citizen a Year 6 term 3 and Year 7 term 1

Educating for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide - WWF
Book provides an educational context and practical support for teachers who wish to make such a concern for the future more explicit in their classroom.

Stefi looks at…..range (air, wildlife, countryside, water, noise, rubbish)- Michael Benn & Associates
From the popular Stefi and the Environment series range.

Pachamama - Our Earth - Our Future - Evans Brothers Ltd
Book based on the United Nations Environment programmes authoritative Global Environment Outlook, describes both the state of the world's environment and what activity governments and young people, are lacking to address the problems we face.

Literacy through the Environment - National Association on Field Studies Officers.
A compilation of ideas for incorporating literacy into educational work in the environment.

An environment vision - Environment Agency (E/A)
Environment Agency Thames Region - Floods Review, State of the Environment Report for London 2001, State of the Environment Report for Thames Region 2001.

Fact Files on RiversFact Files on Rivers - Environment Agency
The Stort, The Chess and Misbourne, Rivers of North West London, The Lee,
The Roding, The Colne, The Mimram - The Thames Tideway and Estuary

Fact file on water resources - E/A

The Fact Files on the landfill directive and Integrated pollution prevention and control - E/A

State of the Environment of England and Wales Report on The land, The atmosphere, Fresh water - E/A

Be a flood detective & Be a pollution detective - E/A
Fun books about flooding & pollution for 7 -11 year olds

Water wise - Thames water
Full of water saving fun things to do for young children.

Investigating the Tidal LeeInvestigating the Tidal Lee - EA & Thames water
A resource pack for science Key stages 3 & 4.

Ecological monitoring in the Thames Region -EA
Facts sheets monitoring rivers within Thames region

Riverbank design guide for Tidal Thames - EA
Background information on Riverbank defence

The Learning Channel- Education Resource on Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton flood Relief Scheme - E/A
Pack designed to look into GCSE and A-level science and geography syllabuses.

Conservation Access and Recreation - E/A
Report from E/A on projects to increase access to the land.

Guardians of the environment - Resource Pack - E/A
Designed to assist teachers to provide pupils an introduction to environmental issues - covers Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Green Transport Teaching Packs - Hertfordshire County Council
Teaching activities and background information about transport covers Key Stages 1&2 and 3&4.

School Travel resource pack - DEFRA
Information on developing a school travel plan.

Be the ChangeBe the Change - Peace Child International
Report of the Millennium Young Peoples Congress deciding priorities to sustain life through the next 1000 years.



Check this out, Why food costs more than you thinkCheck this out, Why food costs more than you think - RSPB
Resource pack looking at the 'true' cost of food to the environment.


Learning today with tomorrow in mindLearning today with tomorrow in mind - TIDE
Materials for teachers about the significant role schools play in teaching sustainable development. Practical ideas for supporting children's engagement in sustainable development. Covers all curriculum and key stages.

RSPB Habitats Series - RSPB
Posters and teaching activity for ages 7-11. Covers Science and Geography.

The Water gameThe Water game
Game pack to help children to appreciate some of the difficulties of keeping water suppliers clean and to help understand one person's actions can affect the whole community.

Education for sustainability - Local Borough councils of Croydon & Sutton and Oxfam.
Teaching activities on trees and paper, water for life, out local area and fair trade. Cover's all key stages.

Eco- School - WWF
Pack explores principles and practice of good design by asking students to think about whether a building meets the needs of all its users. Work covers areas from English, Humanities to Art and Technology.

Gaining Ground - Bradford Education
School grounds enhancement advice.

The Wee Green School Pack - Scottish Natural Heritage & Royal Mail
Introduction to creating wildlife projects with school grounds for nursery & Primary schools.

Making a Difference - RSPB & Oxfam
Education for sustainable development within the Personal & Social education framework at key Stage 2.

Your World, My World - Oxfam
Photo - pack for citizenship, PSE and PSD

Making a meal of itMaking a meal of it- Oxfam
Photo set and activity pack for 7 to 11 years olds, looking at food issues around the world.

The Whole World Cake - Christian Aid
Resource for use with 8 to 11 year olds about where our food comes from. Pack includes poster, photo, stories and teaching ideas.

Go BananasGo Bananas - Oxfam
Photopack for ages 5 - 11 about the journey of bananas from the Caribbean to the UK.


Local citizen; global citizenLocal citizen; global citizen - Christian Aid
Helps children explore the concepts of growth and development, interdependence and relationships. Provides lively activities supporting subject areas: PSHE/PSD/PSE and Citizenship, Geography, Maths, Science, RE, History and Multicultural Studies.

Seeds for Life - Christian Aid
Video & Work sheets explore people's values and views about the issues of biodiversity and genetic engineering. For use with 11 to 14 year old

The Energy Education Resource Pack- Mid Suffolk District, Suffolk County Council
Pack provides an introduction to some of the fey issues in energy saving, to raise awareness of these issues and particular to develop attitudes and values which are conducive to sustainable lifestyles. Covers key stages 1,2,3 & 4

Learning to Live for the Future - Brecon Beacons National Park, Trinity College & Peak National Park
Education pack helps teachers construct meaningful programmes of study which will enhance children's understanding of sustainable development and equip children with the knowledge, value, skills and confidence needed to become actively involved in the environment. Covers key stages 2 & 3.

Let's enjoy nature - Mildred Masheder
Book contains over 500 ideas and activities for children 3 to 16 to get out into the countryside. Helps children to become more active role in protecting the plant.

Sacha Mama Mother Jungle. Eco-tourism in the Amazonian rain forest - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Napo, Ecuador. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers climate, rain forest, migration & eco - tourism.

Credit to the poor. Sustainable Development in the Andes - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Tarata & Candarave, Peru. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers Andean environment, community credit banks, development statistics.

Picking Up the Threads. Sustainable Development on the Altiplano. Bolivia- Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Calcha, Bolivia. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers Altiplano environment, short term migration, women's small businesses.

Learning for life. Agriculture and Development in Equatorial Uganda - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Kitenga, Uganda. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers climate & vegetation, farming systems, parish development committees & education projects.

The coffee Chain Game - Oxfam
An activity on trade for participants aged 14 and upwards

Birmingham , Decisions on development - Tide
The book is complied either as a general 'reader' on development in Birmingham and covers development issues such as economic, social, environmental and political aspects of place. Covers A-Level and beyond.

The clothes Line - Oxfam
A photo set and activity pack for 7 to 11 year olds, looking at clothes, cotton and trade.

Changing TechnologyChanging Technology - Tide
Activity for teachers workshops and for students to explore the issues of the products and processes of technology. It includes photo stimulus sheets and a set of colour photos. Covers key stages 3 & 4.

Pl@net.com - 4 Learning
Education for sustainable development for 9 - 13 years olds. Teachers' Guide contains programme outlines, classroom activities and follow-up work, photo sheets and background information.

Pl@net.comPl@net.com - 4 Learning
Education for sustainable development for 9 - 13 years olds. Video has case studies of environmental issues from around the world to convey the message, 'Think Global, Act Local'. Covers water, Biodiversity, natural resources and recycling, energy, food and farming, cars and rich world/poor world.

Development Compass Rose - Tide
Pack contains book and set of 16 colour photo's covers themes of development and environmental issues, community, curriculum planning.

A City for People, Birmingham -change and development - Tide
A book for Key Stages 3 & 4 in Geography. It hopes to encourage young people to think about development in their own area.

Growing Naturally - Maggi Brown
Book provides ideas for activities and experiments with enables pupils to fulfil many of the National Curriculum requirements and gives teachers background information about organic gardening.

Our Street- Our World - Cathy Midwinter
A book, worksheets and photo set for exploring environment and development issues with 4 to 7 year olds.

Only made of WoodOnly made of Wood - Brain Keaney
Story Book and teachers guide provide suggestions for activities on trees, wood and paper, and the woodland environment, which will develop skills and knowledge across a wide range of curriculum areas. Covers National Curriculum of England and Wales and Scottish (5-14) Curriculum.


On The MoveOn The Move - Sarah Blunt & Janet Wilson
A Literacy Hour resource pack, devised for use with 5/6 children in connection with Walk to School campaign.



Citizenship for the FutureCitizenship for the Future - David Hicks
A teacher's handbook provides practical support for those who wish to bring citizenship and a concern for the future into their classroom teaching.



Beneath your FeetBeneath your Feet - Jane Bayley
Activities including songs for children, backgrounds notes including National Curriculum planning guidance for teachers. Covers geography/science topic for key stages 1 & 2.



Global GeographyGlobal Geography - Tide & Geographical Association
Handbook is written to be used as an open book on the desk or kept as an accessible resource in the geography storeroom on issues surrounding development and education. Covers key stage 3.


Kumasi and Beyond, Urban development and enterpriseKumasi and Beyond, Urban development and enterprise - Tide
Book is about a town in Ghana called Kumasi, and about the people who live there. Has links with international links, environment, economics, and women in development & youth.



Forests and futuresForests and futures - Hampshire Country Council
Video and workbook covers social and cultural education, global citizenship and education for sustainable development.


FAMILY LIFE & the 5rs Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Repair, Recycle, MKWDEC
A development education pack with slides on an industrialised country and an economically developing country.

Banana Link, Banana Link
Teaching notes and video designed for business studies, geography and Art at KS4/Standard Grade, but also relevant for a wide range of other subjects / levels

A Balloon for Grandad, Orchard Picture books
A colourful and affectionate picture book where the world is made to seem both small and also infinitely varies, containing as much exotic detail as infant could ever imagine

The Chocolate Game, Leeds Development Education Centre
The game is an activity based on the global cocoa trade. Issues dealt with include justice, inequality, wealth, poverty and power. Game aimed at 11 year olds.

Guidelines for global issues in Technology - A handbook for teachers and advisers, Intermediate Technology Development Group
Aim book is to introduce teachers to the opportunities and challenges of incorporating global issues into their work

What a difference! - A cross-curricular resource linking Health, Safety, Sustainable Transport & the Environment with key issues of Citizenship. A key stage 2 Teachers' Notes Photocopiable Activities

Billy The Bug, Environment Agency
CD - Rom resource investgates the issue of waste and the options for reducing, re-using and recycling. Key Stage 2