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Use of Water

Water is a precious natural resource which needs to be used wisely. Water supply in Hertfordshire is under severe pressure due to low rainfall and the large population. All water conservation measures may pay repay you in the future as water metering becomes more prevalent. Your water company - Three Valleys Water or Thames Water - can give advice. Their contact numbers can be found in the Points of Contact section.

  • Think about installing a 'grey water' recycling system in your house. This re-uses water from the bathroom to flush the toilet. The toilet is the principle user of water in most homes. If you have a water meter, such a system can pay for itself in a few years.
  • Fit a water butt to your down pipe to collect water for the garden or for washing the car.
  • Installing a water meter helps concentrate the mind on how much water you are using and may help you reduce consumption.
  • Taking a shower instead of a bath reduces water consumption but a power shower uses twice as much water as an ordinary shower.
  • New appliances should be water efficient. Information on water usage rates is now provided by the manufacturers of all dishwashers and washing machines. Ensure waste pipes from domestic appliances are correctly connected to the foul water I sewer outlet rather than the surface water drain. Check if you are unsure.
  • Use paving materials which can let water through, for example by bedding paving slabs on sand or by using porous tarmac. This then flows into the natural underground water system, from where we get most of our water supply.
  • Plant drought resistant plants in the garden. A wide range is available from your garden centre.

Use of water