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Pollution and Waste

All construction processes produce waste. This has in the past gone to landfill, but landfill space is running out fast in Hertfordshire and we need to do all we can to minimise waste production. Further advice, especially on the reduction of household waste, is available from the Waste Aware campaign. Their contact number can be found in the Points of Contact section.

Bear in mind that just as you may be able to use reclaimed materials - someone else's "waste" - so others may have a use for yours.

  • Ensure your contractor is a licensed waste carrier
  • If you are replacing your kitchen, remember household waste sites will accept old electrical appliances. This is particularly important for fridges and freezers which may have contained CFCs and need special disposal.
  • If, when you are demolishing an old structure, you find materials which you suspect may contain asbestos, seek advice from your district council before you proceed.
  • Compost what you can - about 30% of the average dustbin is organic material from the kitchen or garden and all of this vegetable matter could be composted to produce a soil conditioner.
  • Traditional oil-based paints and wood preservatives have a high solvent content which adds to the causes of climate change. Water based alternatives are readily available and have the added advantages of being quick drying and user-friendly.
  • Chemical pesticides, fertilisers and fungicides can harm the environment, so use natural products instead. This is particularly important if you live near a river or stream. Check the labels on all products before buying and ask at the garden centre for help if you are in any doubt.
  • Always apply pesticides strictly in accordance with the label and only dispose of unwanted chemicals at a toxic waste site.
  • Bonfires cause air pollution and annoy your neighbours, so dispose of waste material in other ways.

Pollution and waste