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Environmentally Friendly Advice For You When You Build

Buildings can have a huge impact on the environment, both at the time of construction and throughout their life. Hertfordshire Environmental Forum - a consortium of all the local authorities in Hertfordshire - hopes you will bear the environment in mind when you plan your extension or new building. This leaflet offers you some advice on how to minimise environmental impacts. Some of these suggestions can actually save you money in the long term as well! This leaflet looks at the main environmental issues to be considered when planning and designing your building project. These are:

  • use of natural resources
  • use of water
  • consumption of energy
  • waste and pollution

It is much easier to include environmentally friendly measures at the planning and construction stage, rather than later on when the building is complete.

At the outset, discuss the environmental implications relating to your project with the architect and contractor and ask if they belong to an organisation such as the Association of Environment Conscious Building.

You will also need to bear in mind that your building project will still have to comply with all the legal and other requirements of Planning and Building Regulations. Your local district council is there to help you, so contact the planning department for advice at an early stage. Address and telephone numbers can be found in the Points of Contact section.

To achieve good environmental practice, you will need to go far and beyond what is currently required by law. Seek advice from environmental experts and be aware of archeological and ecological considerations.

Please remember to be safety conscious