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Use of Energy

The consumption of energy in the house is a molar contributor to climate change. This energy also costs you money, through your fuel bills. So it makes sense to do whatever you can to reduce the energy consumption of your building.

Contact your district council for specific advice relating to your property. They may also be able to carry out a home energy survey for you which will provide valuable information on ways to cut your energy consumption. In addition many district councils offer grants for energy efficiency improvements.

  • If you can, design main living rooms and conservatories to face south so they exploit the warmth from the sun. Design other rooms, like the bathroom, to face north.
  • Add a lobby or enclosed porch to your house. This will help keep out the cold and draughts.
  • Trees planted to the south west of buildings will give shelter from the prevailing winds and provide shade in summer, but remember not to plant them too close to buildings as their roots may interfere with the foundations.

Tips for saving energy